Friday, July 27, 2012

Sinful Color and Migi Nail Art Review

In March I took my 5 year old to a scrapbook expo, even though I don't really scrapbook very often.
Well, it was worth my time because I came across a booth selling nail polish. This is a very different kind of nail polish though, it's a 2 in one. It opens up like a regular nail polish, but here's the best part - you can pull on the handle part and a lid pops off that covers a pin tip.

You can create amazing nail art with these! I have made flowers, ladybugs, polka dots and so much more. There are lots of videos on YouTube in other designs!!!

Migi Nail Art
You get, 8 colors for around $20. But.... They all have a LIFETIME free replacement! Yep, anytime your running low on color or out just send your bottle in for a full replacement!!! How freaking amazing is

The brushes are good quality, they aren't top of the line but I don't have any complaints about them. The colors, you need to apply about 3 times to get a good coloring. But hey, it's free replacement when you run out so paint away right??

Okay, so I'm going to a Neil Diamond concert tomorrow, so I had to bling out my nails. I was at Walgreens tonight and found a cute silver glitter polish that was on sale for only $.99!! The brand is Sinful Color. I decided to try it out!!

I put it on top of my Migi nail polish and I LOVE IT!!!! It has a awesome brush, covers sooooo good and looks amazing! I decided to look up some things about this brand. Other are saying that it reminds them of Essie!!
It comes in so many colors and hey right now it's only $.99, so head over to Walgreens and get it, I promise you will love it!!!

One Coat of Migi Nail Art
2 Coats of Migi Nail Art

3 coats of Migi Nail Art
Sinful glitter on top

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