Friday, August 10, 2012

Julep Maven Nail Polish Claire

As promised, here is a picture of what the Julep nail polish in the color Claire looks like.

Sorry about the bad nail job!
This is with just one coat! I can't believe how easy it went on, how fast it dried and how rich the color is. I think it is such a pretty color!!

I was pretty scared when I started putting it on because of how rich the color is. A lot of nail polishes look really great in the bottle but once you put them on, the color is so weak! Not this, NOT AT ALL!!!

Yay, I'm excited to try all my other colors!!

The directions on the bottle say: Apply 2 coats nail color over base coat, follow with top coat for durability and shine.

Like I said, this was only one coat and I didn't apply a base coat. Maybe I will try that next time.

I did not mention this in my post about Julep before.  Julep does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene or DBP.  The brush is a flat brush with micro-frayed brush hairs.

Also when you sign up for Julep Maven you get 20% off your orders!  You can try Julep your first month for only ONE PENNY and you get at least $40 worth of products!  You can get that great deal here, just enter code PENNY at checkout!


  1. Love electric blues, can't get my hands on those nail polishes here though :(

    Arwa ♥

  2. Wow so amazing! So, is that brand available in the middle east especially in KSA?

    1. Julep is a salon in the USA, its not for sale at other stores. You can email them and ask them if they will send it to you. I tried to look it up but I couldn't find anything. Their email is

      They are also on twitter, so you could ask them there.

  3. I never paint my fingernails (I bite them), but I often buy nail polish because I like the bottles/colors. Those Julep bottles are adorable. (For the record, I do paint my toenails :)

    1. I found that if I painted my nails, I didn't bit them! Now I am always painting them! I like the bottles too though. I love these Julep bottles because they are so cute!!!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog <3

  4. Oh, yea it's a salon! I will thank u so much Tiffany XoxO!!



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