Monday, November 12, 2012

Cravebox Cooking Light Box

So, I got a email for Cravebox saying that they had openings for the Cooking Light Cravebox.  Well, I don't cook buuuuuut I had to enter, winning these boxes are like winning the lottery for me!  I think I have a serious problem, I LOVE getting these boxes in the mail.  So of course I signed up and I WON! This box cost $13 which did include shipping, their boxes usually range from $10-$15 but they are changing the box system so we will see what exactly surprises are to come!

So anyway, here is my Cravebox Cooking Light Box.

The outside of the box looked like this.  HOW FREAKING CUTE!!!  

Here's the box!  Isn't this freaking amazing!!!!  

 This is all of the coupons and recipes.

A Reference Chart, I know that I will need this!

I received 5 different brands in the box.

The first one is Fruit Crisps from Dole.  I received 3 different flavors and a total of six Fruit Crisps

  • Apple Pear
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Peach

 "When you need a little "me time," reach for a DOLE® Fruit Crisp, the perfect combination of all-natural fruit and crunchy oat and brown sugar topping.  Enjoy warm or cold."

These are really good, you can eat them just out of the little plastic cup or warm them up.  They are cups of fruit with a fruit sauce.  They also each come with an oat and brown sugar topping that you can add on.  My 1 year old loved this!

$2 each.

The second item I received is McCormick Perfect Pinch Seasoning.

"Explore your passion for flavor!  Combinations of herbs and spices that help you create inspired dishes your family with love.  With 22 varieties, including 7 salt-free, it's easy to add perfectly blended flavor to your meals."

I received two Salt Free Garlic & Herb Seasonings.  It says its great on chicken, shrimp, pork, beef and vegetables.  There are recipes under the wrapper which sound delish!  We haven't tried these yet but they smell so good, I know that we will use this for sure!!!!

My value $5.28

The Third Item I received is the Tullys French Roast Coffee

"Tullys® captures just the right flavors in every satisfying cup.  Tully's french roast is the ultimate coffee story, as written in a Parisian cafĂ©:  Powerful and intense, with a bittersweet end."

I am not a coffe drinker, NOT AT ALL.  But my husband on the other hand is a coffee addict.  He took this to work with him and he said it was good, not as good as Starbucks but good.  He also said that he didn't have any creamer with it so I'm sure that made a huge difference.
This came with an interesting recipe for Coffee Banana Bread. Hmmm

Full Size $9.49

The Fourth Item is Nectresse

"The deliciously sweet extract of monk fruit combined with the perfect blend of other natural sweeteners.  100% natural with nothing artificial.  You're going to love the way it taste!"

I don't use artificial sweetners but my Mom does so these are going straight to her.  I am tempted to use these though, it came with a big book of recipes that look so good.  But I know that my Mom will love these.  These are from the makers of Splenda which is what she uses too.

Full Size: $5.62

The last item is the Torani® Sugar Free Salted Caramel Syrup.
 "Torani's the secret ingredient of coffeehouses everywhere.  Treat your coffee to Torani's for authentic coffeehouse flavor.  It's easy to use - simply add a splash of Torani to brewed coffee and add milk or cream to taste."

I have never used these but I have seen them all the time.  I really don't know how to use this.  I also got a recipe book with this, but I didn't see any that had a recipe for THIS flavor.  I also got a $1.00 off coupon.  I just found out that if you go to their website there are a TON of recipes!

Full Size: $7.95

So there's my box.  The total for the items that I received is $34.34.  Not too bad!!!

Have you tried any of the items in this box?  What do you think of Cravebox?  Make sure that you go to to enter for the next boxes!!!

XOXO Tiffany


  1. Your amazing Cravebox made me go enter for a couple boxes. Thanks for feeding the addiction! Box envy is a sad thing. lol

    1. Yay, I'm glad you entered for a few boxes! I just got a notification that my Cravebox Thanksgiving box shipped today. so excited!!! LOL. I hope that you get your boxes, they are so fun!!!

      "Box envy is a sad thing." Best thing anyone has ever left on my blog!!

      XOXO Tiffany



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