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7 Steps For Glowing Flawless Skin

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7 Steps For Glowing Flawless Skin

Having flawless skin is one of the attributes every woman wishes for.

Not all women can have flawless skin as a result of many factors that can cause a lot of damage which include:

  • • Sun exposure
  • • Acne
  • • Allergies
  • • Injuries and more

Most of the time, the result of this type of damage is dark spots, scars, and marks on your skin that are completely unwelcome. They are easy to get rid of with skin lighteners or “dark spot correctors.”

Here are 7 steps you can follow to aim to avoid adding to the imperfections you, and every woman on the planet, already have.

Controlling stress

Stress is one of the factors that can wreak havoc on your physical appearance.

Stress can cause hormone imbalance, which unfortunately ladies, often leads to acne.

Force yourself to find ten minutes in your day to be alone! That’s right ten minutes all to yourself.

We all have busy lives and with more mobile devices than we can handle it’s hard to be truly alone.

Trust me though, take the time to do some deep breathing (not too much so you don’t pass out), and even a couple yoga poses.

Doing this will get your blood to pump a little faster, giving you a rosy complexion.

You’ll get oxygen into your bloodstream which actually helps to keep your skin clean.

Besides, whatever it is that you’re stressed about, in the bigger scheme of things it’s not something that will make or break you.

Optimism can be your skin’s best friend!


No less than 6 hours, but shoot for 8.

While you sleep, your body is working to restore balance.

  • • Your breathing is bringing in oxygen (your life source!).
  • • Your resting heart rate is allowing your body to recuperate from your busy day (Yes Wonder Woman you need to rest)
  • • Your skin is thanking you for secluding it from all the nasty toxins in car exhaust and recycled air. (Sleeping with a humidifier? Props to you, you’re ahead of the game)

When you get the amount of sleep you need you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

So will your skin.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking the 8 cups a day that you should be (at minimum) will keep your skin hydrated.

Not to mention it helps to dilute any toxins from food or beverages you consume.

Bonus: Drinking ice cold water forces your body to work to warm it up, that means you’ll burn calories!

Yes coffee, tea, and juice, count in part as drinking water since they contain it, HOWEVER it is better to just drink good ol’ plain water.

Need to give it some flavor? Try  squeezing some fresh lime or lemon, maybe even some cucumber slices.

Eating healthy foods

There is just no way around it, not even supplements,

It’s imperative to your well being that you eat foods high in vitamins and proteins.

Your body just needs certain nutrients, and your skin will definitely be thankful if you cut back on the greasy and fried foods we all loved to consume during our teenage years.

Your metabolism just doesn’t stay the same.

For your skin you want to make sure you’re getting a healthy amount of

  • • Beta-carotine
  • • Vitamin C (no Emergen-C doesn’t count)
  • • Vitamin E
  • • Vitamin A
  • • And ESPECIALLY Omega 3 Fatty acids (salmon is packed with this)

Why Omega 3? Because it makes your skin super tough (in a healthy way) to keep all those nasty toxins in the air at bay!


To quote a famous blonde “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.” - Elle Woods

Despite the comedy, she’s actually right.

You will never regret doing a workout.

Exercise makes you sweat, which means your body is expelling toxins - always a good thing.

Your heart rate is up, bloods pumping, oxygen is flowing, which all leads to cleaning your body from the inside.

Your skin will love you for this!

Keep the skin clean

Remember all those toxins I keep mentioning?

Picture this: bacteria from your long day as woman on the go battling the stresses of the city is crawling all over your skin.

Yes, I said CRAWLING!

Keeping clean is imperative to having great skin.

  • • Don’t sleep with makeup on
  • • Wash your hands regularly (you don’t realize how often you touch your face)
  • • Keep your locks away from your face (acne on your jawline anyone?)
  • • Use lotion after washing to lock in moisture

Keeping your skin clean will make is softer and brighter.

Wash and moisturize according to the type of skin you have.

Dry? You need moisture!

Oily? Take it easy with the lotion, but don’t take it out of your routine.

Use the natural mask

All those healthy foods you can eat can also be applied directly to your face.

Wearing an oatmeal and honey mask for example can help to exfoliate.

Avocado?  Packed with so many nutrients it can actually help to keep signs of aging at bay!

Make sure to add these items to your shopping list!

Grateful Skin

Each of these steps is easy to follow and I guarantee your skin will be grateful for it.

We all get so busy we forget to take care of ourselves, but you have to make yourself a priority!

Author Bio:

Marcela De Vivo works for Skintrium and is a freelance writer in the Los Angeles area. Her writing focuses on well being, health, and beauty.


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