Thursday, January 24, 2013

Im back!!

I have been a terrible blogger.

I am so sorry, I feel (and know) that I have neglected my little blog lately, but I do think about each and every one of you everyday!!!!

These past few months have been completely insane!!  It seems like there are so many nasty sicknesses going around, freezing cold weather and just groooossss air!!!!!  We live up on top of the mountain so everyday I get to look down at this.

Looks like clouds right?  Nope, thats all the dirty air in Utah right now that they call the inversion.  Gross.  No wonder that so many people are having respiratory issues!

In December 2 of my babies were both admitted to the hospital within 24 hours of each other, both of them had croup and both had to stay overnight.  I have never had any of my kids admitted to the hospital so I was an emotional mess!  There really is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and its even worse when they are only 1 year old and have no idea why you are shoving a big breathing mask over their nose and mouth, ugh hopefully that never happens ever again.

But anyway, Im back!!!  Everyone is feeling better, its raining outside (freezing rain) so hopefully this nasty air is gone soon too!!

Have any of you ever had your kids admitted to the hospital?

Missed you all!!

XOXO Tiffany


  1. Your poor babies! Glad they're all better. Love your blog! Have a fabulous weekend :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  2. love your blog :)

    i've followed you through the beauty blog hop. id love it if you could check out my blog? xx

  3. Stumbled on you site - I know what you mean. I live in that gross air. Daybreak.



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