Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kids are growing up

Tonight my 5 year old daughter lost her first tooth. Well it didn't happen how I imagined it to happen, but it happened and it makes me want to cry!
She was racing downstairs after we tucked the baby in, all the sudden she goes tumbling down the stairs! I was in front of her and my husband was behind her, I turned around and grabbed her and she just burst into tears, yelling "my tooth!". Her tooth had been loose for awhile, but she's been scared to death for it to fall out. Well my clumsy girl knocked it out herself! I grabbed her tooth and put it in a ziplock. After we got her mouth to stop bleeding she finally got the courage to go look at her new toothless grin in the mirror, she stated laughing and wanted to FaceTime everyone with an iPhone to show them her cute new smile.

It honestly seems like my little girl was just born, she shouldn't be old enough to be loosing her baby teeth. Where has the time gone? I'm so proud to be my little girls momma, I'm so proud of what an amazing little lady she had already turned into. So while it hurts my heart to see my baby girl growing up so fast, it also heals my heart to see her turning into such an amazing person.

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