Friday, September 28, 2012

My Grandpa

September 28th is a day that will always be stuck in my head.  4 years ago today my Grandpa passed away.  

I will never forget, it was 6 am and my phone started ringing, my phone never rings that early so I knew that something was wrong, it was my Mom.  She said that my Grandpa had passed away, it was all so sudden.  My grandpa wasn't sick, he did have a little cold but that was it, it was so unexpected.

From what I know, my grandparents had woken up (bright and early as always), my Grandpa was coughing from this dang cold he had and my Grandma got up to go use the bathroom, when she came back to the room she found my Grandpa on the floor.  She immediately called 911.

The paramedics took my grandpa to the ER and they worked on him for a little while, they got his heart to start for a few seconds but that was it, he was gone.  

My Grandpa was the best man I have ever known.  He was my father figure growing up, he was the one that taught me to tie my shoes, he was the one that took me to Kindergarten most of the time, he was the one who taught me to golf, he taught me all sports.   He was amazing in every way.  It breaks my heart that I hadn't seen him for a few months before he passed away, I would change that if I could. I wish every single day that my kids could grow up being around my Grandpa the way that I did, I feel like they are missing out on so much.  

I love you Grandpa and I miss you so much.

XOXO Tiffany

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