Monday, October 1, 2012

TATCHA Luminous Skin Care

I am in love......

I know, I have told you all how much I love Tatcha in the past, but I am even more in love now then I was before.  

I recently tried out a new line of products that Tatcha has, it is their Luminous line and it is amazing.  There are three items in this new line.
  1. Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask (4 mask set/ 20ml serem PER mask $95.00)
  2. Luminous Dewy Skin Mist (40ml / 1.35 fl oz $48.00)
  3. Tatcha Limited Editon Kiyomizu Folding Fan ($175.00)
The Deep Hydration Lifting Mask-
Outside of the packaging 
I was actually pretty hesitant about using this mask, I have tried masks in the past and I don't really care for them.  Masks usually leave a sticky reside on your face after you take it off and it just feels gross.  I finally decided that I would try this mask last night, I pulled it out of the AMAZING package, seriously Tatcha's packaging is so pretty I almost don't want to open it because its so pretty but then I remember the product inside is even more amazing!!  

Tatcha Deep Hydration Lifting Mask
The Mask came in a package that looks like it is wood, it is so pretty.  Once you open that there is the mask package inside,  it is in Tatcha's signature coloring with the purple fading into white, I had one mask in my package to try.

The Mask packaging has the very detailed instructions on the back, it is super simple to use.  You start with a clean, dry face.  Unfold the mask (it is folded up inside the package).  This mask has a mesh backing on each side of the mask, I found that it helped out a lot and so that I was able to actually grab the mask without it slipping everywhere, it also made it a lot easier to apply the mask onto my face.  So anyway, you remove one of the mesh backings and place the mask gel-side down on your face, adjust it around your eyes, nose and mouth.  Once it is in place where you want it remove the additional mesh that is now on the front of the mask.  

You leave the mask on for 15 minutes.  I noticed with this mask that it didn't slip at all, it stayed in place the whole time and it is really light which is a huge surprise because 20 ml of serum is A LOT!!!  

I know, what a beautiful picture!  I loved that this mask want huge over any parts like my nose, eyes or mouth.  It fit really good.  
When I took it off, there was a little bit of extra serum on my face that I rubbed in.  There wasn't a ton of excess goo that I had to wash off.  It was perfect!  My face felt soooooo smooth and soft!  

So now for some more info about the mask.  It is a red algae blend with Tatcha's HADASEI-3™Bioactive Complex.  It is a coconut derived biocellulose mask that was originally made to speed healing for burn victims!!!  This mask forms on occlusive layer on the skin that enables 53% deeper penetration vs. paper mask!  (The mask also feels a billion times better vs those paper masks!) 

The mask is formulated WITHOUT: Mineral Oil, Synthetic Fragrances ( I couldn't smell anything!), Sulfate Detergents, Parabens, PEGs, PPGs, Urea, DEA, TEA or Phthalates.

My face feels so soft today and I know that I will be buying these mask soon!  If you love masks then I KNOW that you will love these. 

Luminous Dewy Skin Mist-

I have never used a spray moisturizer before so I was really excited to try this out.  I LOVE Tatcha but I was pretty skeptical that a spray could moisturize my face. I was wrong.

I love this stuff.  I keep it on the counter next to my makeup brushes because I can't live without it and it is so easy to use!!!  Shake the bottle, close your eyes and spray!  I usually spray twice and then rub it in, but you don't even need to rub it in.  The spray is so amazing, it spreads evenly across your face and it feel so good!!  I have sprayed it on before I put my makeup on, after I put my makeup on and after I have washed my face.  Never once has my face felt dry!!!  

I am in love with all of Tatcha's packaging with the wood look and then the bottles with the purple fading into the white.   This bottle is glass and is so pretty.  

I love that I can take this with me and use it anytime.  

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist 1.35 fl oz $48.00 (And well worth every penny!!)

There is also a Limited Edition Kiyomizu Folding Fan $175.  I did not recieve one of these but they look beautiful.  It is a handcrafted fan that was designed by Tatcha and made by an artisan shop in Kyoto.  Each fan is one of a kind!!!  

You can also read about Tatcha's amazing beauty ritual products on my earlier post Tatcha Skincare

Have any of you tried any Tatcha's products?  Let me know what you think!!!!

XOXO Tiffany

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