Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why I write this blog

I started this blog to try to get myself (and hopefully others) motivated.  I have 4 kids under 7 and I stay at home.  I didn't ever want to become frumpy housewife, but I realized that I had when I was getting ready to go to the store and my husband asked me why I was putting makeup on!  I told him that I was going to the store and he said "why do you put makeup on to go to the store but you don't get ready for me?"  I honestly didn't know how to answer his question!  Why did I get ready to see strangers but I didn't get ready to see my own husband!!!

I decided that I needed to start trying to take better care of myself.  I always felt like all I did all day was change diapers and clean, why did I need to get ready for that?  But I realized that when I get ready for the day I FELT BETTER!  I felt better when my husband came home and I looked nice for him, I looked nice for my kids and if I had any drop by visitors I didn't look like a homeless person!

I was never taught anything about being a homemaker, I was never taught to cook!  I told my husband- who is an AMAZING cook- that the best thing I ever ate before I met him was from a can!  I was never taught how to do makeup or hair,  so when I found out that we were having our first girl, I was scared! How was I going to teach her these things when I didn't know how.  I started to experiment with her hair and started watching videos online, now I constantly get compliments on her hair.  I decided recently to start getting these makeup sample boxes so I could try out makeup and see what I like and don't like because honestly, I have no clue what is good and what isn't!

So that sorta explains my my randomness of my blog.  I want to review these products I get for all of you as well so that I can tell you what is good and whats not!!!!  I want to help other people get out of the frumpy housewife mode.

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